Beauty through the ages – Ancient Egypt – The Beauty Biz

Featured article A history of beauty, looking at the clothing, cosmetics and styles of the Ancient Egyptians Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky July 2 2007 Beauty, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is “the qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind.” But what exalts my senses, something that I find beautiful, may very well … Read more

Review: Samy Fat Hair 0 Calories Amplifying Hair Spray – The Beauty Biz

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Beauty through the ages – the Victorians – The Beauty Biz

Featured article A period of corsets and petticoats galore! Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky September 22 2007 The Victorian period was, in many ways, an exercise in opposites. While to many it represented a puritanical time in history, to others it served to open the door to ultimate liberalism. At the start, the Victorian era was about … Read more