Working as a beauty therapist – the insider’s guide – The Beauty Biz

Featured article Comparison of different places to get a job as a beauty therapist Author: Madeleine Pokroy November 20 2006 There are many opportunities available to you once you become a fully qualified beauty therapist. Some may be more appealing than others, depending on your age, work, experience, life experience and personality. The following is … Read more

Cosmeceuticals – where cosmetics and pharmaceuticals meet – The Beauty Biz

Featured article What they are and what you need to know Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky August 14 2011 Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that also contain pharmaceutical properties. Dandruff shampoo is a great example of a cosmeceutical, as it has both a cosmetic purpose – cleaning hair – and a medical one – eliminating dandruff. Other examples of … Read more

Beauty supplements and wrinkle prevention – The Beauty Biz

Featured article Prevent ageing – use diet supplements for young-looking skin Author: Rebecca Prescott September 24 2006 Choosing antioxidants to supplement your regular skin routine is an approach that has been validated scientifically. A study by French scientists found that woman taking vitamin C, vitamin E, and betacarotene had 23% fewer new wrinkles, and a … Read more

Environmental issues that are destroying your health and beauty – The Beauty Biz

Featured article How toxins in the modern world are slowly poisoning us Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky March 19 2009 Over the course of the last few decades, doctors and researchers have begun to understand how the various toxins that humans ingest, breathe in, or absorb through their skin affect the body’s health. Get it wrong, and … Read more