Eye Makeup 101: The Basics of Eye Makeup

Expressive and glowing, the eye is a very important part of the face that should be well highlighted when applying makeup. If properly enhanced, it can give you the beauty exclusive into your person. As they say, the eyes are the windows of our soul. It is the very first detail of your face that people will look into and even base their impressions on. It also creates the overall facial expression that smiling lips could never hide. Thus, getting the correct eye makeup is very important for it will help create tantalizing eyes that can bewitch every soul and every man.

Women usually refer to eye makeup as the multicolored palette better known as eye shadow. Eye makeup, however, has three basic components namely the eye shadow, mascara, and the eyeliner. If you want to achieve a set of expressively beautiful eyes, a woman should have these three kinds of makeup to color their eyes. And before worrying what brand and color to get, it is also very important first to know how to use these eye makeups for their own advantage.

Eye Shadow
Usually applied first before an eyeliner and mascara, eye shadow comes in a wide variety of shade or color. Originally takes the powdery and sometimes glittery cake form, a liquid eye shadow can be purchased in the market. It is applied on the eyelids, eye sockets, and near the eyebrows to achieve a glowing look in the eyes.

Girls who want to make their eyes look bigger or boldly expressive, eyeliner usually do the trick. It creates a frame for the rest of the eye makeup. Originally in pencil form, the eyeliner now comes in liquid form and felt-tip pen. It is applied in the bottom eyelid and sometimes used to define the shape of an eyebrow.

Tantalizing eyes are usually defined by having long dark eyelashes. If you’re not blessed with such, the mascara can do the trick. It can lengthen, curl, and make your eyelashes look even thicker. It usually comes in liquid form. Popularly in color black, there are colorless mascaras to save you from possible smudge, which can ruin your eye makeup. However, there are also smudge-free or waterproof mascaras that you can buy in the market but only more expensive than ordinary ones.

Now that you know the basics on eye makeup, getting yourself handy on how to apply it properly should be the next thing for you to do.

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